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Collaboratives are addressing critical needs now. See how you can maximize your giving through donor collaboratives.
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While there is no one-stop shop for all collaborative funds, these directories can help you identify collaboratives that match your priorities and giving strategy.
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Bridgespan Group
Bridgespan empowers donors to achieve breakthrough results by providing funding opportunities, strategic counsel, and original research on the philanthropic ecosystem. The Gates Foundation and Bridgespan have compiled a database of 200+ donor collaboratives.
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Giving Compass

Giving Compass helps individual donors learn about issues, get involved, and give to community-led change. Giving Compass guides donors toward practices that advance equity and address the root causes of society's issues.

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With support from the Gates Foundation, JustFund provides a directory of thousands of organizations and proposals. Donors can use its robust search tool to find and fund organizations at the forefront of addressing social and economic inequities. (Paid subscription required.)

Large-scale collaboratives

The largest collaborative funds are uniquely situated to receive significant sums of philanthropic capital and put it to work quickly and effectively. Below is a list of funds that directed at least US$25 million in funding in 2021, as self-identified in the most recent survey by the Bridgespan Group. If this also describes your fund, but you don’t see your fund name on the list, please reach out to our team and let us know.

Many funds not on this list are also well positioned to channel major investments—please contact our team, or contact specific funds directly.

Get in touch with our team

We are an initiative of the Philanthropic Partnerships team at the Gates Foundation. Our team believes that donor collaboratives are uniquely positioned to accelerate giving and direct it where it is needed most. We are helping to develop a vibrant sector of diverse, high-performing collaborative giving vehicles. Working alongside our partners, we are building new platforms that encourage donors to give together to maximize their impact.